2019 Pricing!

4 lb. Package bees & Queens for beekeeping in Alaska.

Early Bird Price $195.00 until January 2019

Starting September, 01, 2018 until January, 01, 2019 I am accepting pre-orders for package bees. Price currently for spring 2019 pre-orders is $195.00 Per 4lb. package bee, extra queens $40.00. Please email me your order to get in on this current early price, prices will go up starting January 2019. Prices are the same as last season for 2019, but you have to act before January 2019 to get in on this early price.

2019 Pricing!

  • One – 4lb. package bee with one queen each, price is $231.50
  • The price for one package bee will remain constant, the price for 2 up to 9 will graduate up in price as described below.
  • two up to nine 4lb. Package Bees, price is $210.00
  • Starting February 15th. price for 2 up to 9 package bees will go up 5% to $220.5
  • Starting March 15th. price for 2 up to 9 package bees will go up 5% to $231.50
  • 10 to 25 – 4lb. package bees; call or email for Quote.
  • Over 25 – 4lb. package bees; call or email for Quote.
  • Extra queens available. $40.00

I have expanded my apportionment for package bees this 2018 spring, and will have more packages than I did last year.

I have talked to my supplier, and have begun the process of increasing the number of package bees to be available for my customers.  A number of beekeepers have pre-ordered their packages for this coming spring to avoid the stress of potentially missing out.

I am the longest running supplier of Package bees in the state of Alaska, dating back to 1993, 25 years without a break. I may even be the largest supplier, I weigh around 200 lbs. Supplying bees longer than any other supplier in Alaska except for my friend Stephen Peterson in Fairbanks who also brings in Honey bees. I offer four-pound packages of honeybees, which I import from Central California.

“Although you may find cheaper bees if you shop around, you will not find better bees.” I know, that is a goofy statement!! That is because all the bees coming into Alaska, for the most part, come from the same area of Northern California. So how can you get better bees from only one supplier. All suppliers bees are ruffly the same in quality. The queens are what really make the difference as to how well a package bee preforms. In my opinion, the best strategy is, if you have the luxury, buy your bees from more than one supplier to buffer any concerns of time delays, and poor performing queens. If you do want cheaper bees check out my competitors by CLICKING HERE. You may find cheaper queens, but you will not find better queens just anywhere. It is the queens that really make the difference.

This season I am only providing 4 pound package bees. Email, or call for bulk pricing on ten, or more.

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