Beehive with Bees

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Three Deep wooden Box Beehive Kit with Honey Bees Included, Pick up in Mat-Su Valley

Beehive kit, 3 deep boxes unassembled, with bees included; price Before April 1st 2017 $512.50

Ket includes.

  1. 3 lb. Package Bee – with your choice of Queen genetics.
  2. Three Ten Frame Deep Hive Boxes unassembled.
  3. 30 Deep Frames – Plastic all in one Frame and foundation.
  4. One 2×4 Screened Bottom Board.
  5. One Wood Bound Plywood Inner Cover.
  6. One Heavy Duty Metal Covered Hive Top.

Visit my web site, and go to package bees for full details on package bee Shipments.

Beehive kit, 3 deep boxes unassembled, without bees; price $325.00

Beehive Parts prices;

  1. Boxes Deep Ten Frame wood Commercial unpainted = $30.00 unassembled / $35.00 assembled
  2. Deep Frames – Mann Lake PF-100 Plastic all in one Frame and Foundation = $5.50 each, $5.00 each for ten plus, case of 30 $150.00
  3. Hive Top – Heavy Duty Metal Covered = $30.00
  4. Inner Cover – Wood Bound Plywood – Heavy Duty = $25.00
  5. 2×4 Screened Bottom Board = $30.00

Available for pick up at my Mat-Su PKB pick up location by appointment, call.

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