Alaska Honey Bee Package Bees

Package bees & Queens for beekeeping in Alaska.

Orders accepted up to, and at times beyond, delivery dates. Please feel free to place an order or change an order at any time. Dates are April 11th, and 18th. Please be sure to read further for information concerning your area, some strains are restricted to certain areas because of logistics. I may add an additional distribution date if order numbers mandate it.

Strains Available

Package bee strains available on the 11th are strains 1., 2., and 4.

Package bee strains available on the 18th are strains 3., and 4.

1.Alaska Honey Bee (AHB) We’re Back, Currently Available for 2015 Season.

2. Improved Russian Stock (IRS) New for the 2015 season.

3.Webster’s Queen Daughters (WQD)

4.New World Carniolan (NWC)

Read more on strains, click hear.

2015 Pricing

Pricing for 4 lb. package bee with one queen.

$155.00 each 1 to 9 Package Bee

$150.00 each 10 to 49 Package Bee

Over 49 call for Pricing.

Extra queens available in package bee $25.00

Queens to be shipped to lower 48 States will be charge $35.00 per queen, shipping included.

No hidden fees or gas charge to outlying areas where I personally deliver, there may be a gas charge on the Kenai Peninsula.

Placing an order

I prefer folks to place an order by email for documentation, unless you have no email service, you can call me to order.  Provide the amount of package bees you want, type of queens desired, and if extra queens are needed.  Remember one queen is included in a package already. Please provide your best phone contact numbers and your name and address. Please make payment as soon as possible after ordering, you must prepay for your order. I can invoice anyone that request a receipt. Upon receiving your order you get placed on a spread sheet for the separate areas of delivery.

Package bee distribution dates for 2015, tentative.

Pay attention to dates designated to areas.

Areas to be distributed are;

April 11th, Areas to be transported to are Anchorage and northern areas such as Eagle River, Mat-Su Valley, Talkeetna, Fairbanks, North Pole, Delta Junction, Glennallen. Northern area scheduled for April 11th delivery which is subject to a 24 hour delay for travel time. Strains available on the 11th are, AHB, IRS, and Carniolans

April 18th, Areas to be transported to are Anchorage, and areas south such as Kenai Peninsula. Also included in this shipment are Eagle River/Chugiak, Mat-Su Valley. Strains available on the 18th are, WQD, and Carniolans.

Subject to change dependent on weather, queen mating conditions in California, and transportation scheduling. Email updates periodically.

Making Payment

Please make payment out to me or “Alaska Honey Bee”.

Send Payment to;

Keith Malone

Alaska Honey Bee

P.O. Box 671092

Chugiak, AK 99567


I can receive payment using credit card or Paypal.

Credit Card and paypal payments will have a $6.00 service charge added.

When placing an order please inform me if you want to make payment using these two methods by credit card or paypal so I can add the service charge to your total.

I have a queen replacement policy that others do not offer. Here it is, I will replace dead, failing, and missing queens from the current package bees sold this current year at anytime during the active bee season free of charge. Why, when other suppliers only give you a week to get replacements. I want you to enjoy, and get a good return on your initial investment in your bees. I really do not care if you accidentally kill your queen, I will replace her for free. Call me and I will priority mail you a queen usually the next day or the following day. You will receive her usually in three days if Sunday does not get in the path.

Contact information for Alaska Honey Bee is;





Keith Malone

Alaska Honey Bee

P.O. Box 671092

Chugiak, AK 99567


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