Strains Available

Package Bee Strains Available

1.Alaska Honey Bee (AHB) We’re Back, Currently Available for 2015 Season.

2. Improved Russian Stock (IRS) New for the 2015 season.

3.Webster’s Queen Daughters (WQD)

4.New World Carniolan (NWC)

Kirk Webster’s bees;

AHB / My Strain;
I breed bees in Alaska here in South-Central Alaska and send my breeder queens in the fall to my California package bee and queen producer where I supply my daughters in the spring to Alaska beekeepers in the form of package bees. I call my queens Alaska Honey Bee (AHB). I make no claims that my queen daughters are Alaska hardy or better than other queens, they are simply queens from bees that have survived winters outside previously in Alaska in the South-Central Alaska area.

I get feedback from folks that report positive about my strain, I do encourage beekeepers to partake of my strain or any northern bred strain and breed their own from wintered bees in Alaska.

All the bees in Package bees we receive, whether they are brought in by me or any other supplier up here in Alaska, are mated outside Alaska and mated with whatever drones might be flying at any given time. So Whatever strain you buy, from me or anyone else, their progeny will be 50% the strain labeled them and 50% whatever they are mated with, but the drones produced will be the strain labeled them. In my operation and management I seek these drones from the strains to enhance my breeding efforts.

3.New World Carniolan (NWC);

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