2017 Package Bee Updates

These are the 2 shipment dates bees are coming in on.

1st April 20th, currently closed, and full. Areas to be transported to are Talkeetna, Fairbanks, North Pole, Delta Junction. Northern area delivery is subject to a 24 hour delay for travel time. Kenai Peninsula will also come in on this date. Sarah Souders will transport to the Peninsula and hand out in that area.

2nd April 23rd, Still taking orders. Anchorage, Eagle River, and Mat-Su Valley areas will be included in this shipment.

Shipments of Package Bees can bee Delayed for several reasons

As all beekeepers know, there can be delays when transporting live animals. Sometimes it is for safety reasons, and sometimes it is a transportation issue. This is the reason I use the word “Tentative” when describing shipment & pick up dates. Sometimes, but rarely do the shipments come in early, only when suppliers can have early queens can we get early package bees. If the weather is bad for mating, or rearing queens, packages can be delayed. At any rate, when transporting live animals sometimes there are delays beyond control. Safety and welfare is always the major concern transporting live animals. another major concern is making sure queens are well mated.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause, I know it can because it is inconvenient for me.


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